Figueroa Part 3

It’s been over a year since my last post.

Today I just had an itch to update the site, so I went down to a couple of parking lots that have been calling my name for some time. I also got a chance to try out the wide angle lens on my iphone. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Highland Park Pt. Two- Figueroa Street

Good morning, Los Angeles!

I have another set from Highland Park for you today.

I’ve been really impressed by the number of really high quality pieces in the area.

This first shot is one of my girlfriend’s favorites that I’ve taken. She refers to the fireplug as proud and adventurous 🙂

Echo Park

Hi Everybody! I have loads of content for new areas, but there are a couple of spots that I really want to share. One of them is an update of a Cache/K4P/Eyeone/Sh piece at Echo Park on Glendale.

The second is on my street. I pass it every day. It’s been updated and improved on regularly. A local gang buffed over a gorgeous lotus flower painting 😦 recently, motivating me to capture it before it got worse.

Without further ado…

Had to get the signature… and found a really cool shot.


I smudged out the gang sign. I’m gonna go back and do a proper clean up when I have time.

Beverly and Virgil (KoreaTown)

I found this location by complete surprise when on my way to a business dinner a few weeks back. I was so excited by what I saw that I almost showed up late. These pieces have clearly been up for a while. Clearly a bit of Cache/EyeOne going on here.


Highland Park Part One (of many)

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend.

If you didn’t, I’m sure you’ll get some satisfaction out of the 4 day work week.

I certainly enjoyed my holiday. Though I have enough photos from Koreatown/Echo Park for 3 weeks worth of posts, I felt compelled to get out to Highland Park and explore yesterday.  I found TONS of pieces from some of my favorite artists.

Today’s post will highlight the alley that parallels Figueroa from roughly Ave 50 to Ave 61 on the north side.  A map detailing the area, can be found here.

Coming up next week:  More art by Cache and Eyeone in Koreatown.




Sunset Blvd Part Four.

More Sunset Blvd Pics!

Today’s post contains some great stuff I found on  last week’s expedition.

This one is brand new and right up the street from my house. It can be found on Sunset near Laveta Terrace in Echo Park.

Head back toward Silverlake. About 3 blocks past Alvarado Blvd, you’ll see this on the right. Extra weird. 🙂

Incidentally, this mural was painted over one of my all time favorite Cache pieces. You can see a photo here

Move a little further down in to Silverlake near Silverlake Blvd and Sunset.

I actually shot the following wall in this post and it’s since been updated.

And finally, another lovely piece by Sand.


Hi! I hope you all had a great weekend.

Not really sure what to call this location, as Google Maps doesn’t even have a name for the area. The two walls that I’m featuring this morning are near Temple and Silverlake Blvd; and where Melrose crosses Hoover, respectively.

It’s a GREAT day for me to be posting, and I had so much fun discovering these yesterday afternoon. I was able to locate two pieces by my favorite two crews.

The first one is a Cache/Eyer/Kofie piece. As they sometimes are, this one is very political.

The next one is the same artists who did the mind-blowing psychedelic color explosion I featured a few weeks back from Santa Fe And 7th downtown. As they sometimes are, this one is very Weird.

I alway note at least one squeaky clean cartoon character smoking a cigarette in these pieces.